FeministBeats is a community of feminist activists, writers, bloggers, and educators.  While we recognise the sea of feminist blogs that exists out there, we also know that the majority of them are maintained by individual bloggers.  Here at FeministBeats, we hope to unite in one space independent bloggers and contributors from across Canada for constructive,  inclusive, and fearless feminist dialogue.


Feminism is not simply a fight against sexism; it is so much more complicated than that.  Feminism is a movement to erase the oppression that women encounter based on multiple and intersecting grounds, like race, gender identity, class, sexual orientation, ability, and more.

FeministBeats aims to create an inclusive space where anti-oppressive feminist conversations can take place.  We hope to use this blog as an educative space where all feminists can respectfully engage each other and teach each other to build a stronger and more united community.

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