Comment Policy

Commenting on FeministBeats is pretty simple; the singular rule for commenting on this blog is: Respect.  We expect differing opinions, and frankly, we strongly encouraged them.  We hope to build a diverse following of readers and feminist bloggers with different and informative perspectives (we also really like it when we all agree on some things!).  Since not everyone is as experienced or informed on some topics, we feel that ignorance should be treated with empathy and education.  Feminist infighting unproductive and only hurts the cause.

That said, comments that are clearly meant to harm will be swiftly moderated by site administrators.

Submissions Guideline

We are excited to work with you.  If you are interested in submitting something or to cross-post something you’ve written for your own site, please email us at  We welcome a wide variety of subjects.

Please review our site philosophy and existing posts to familiarise yourself with how we roll.

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