And so it begins….

I know, I can just imagine the look on your face.  You’re rolling your eyes, throwing your arms up, and thinking, “Oh sh*t, another feminist blog… how flipping original!   Yet again the wonderous, rolling infiniteness of the world-wide web is just that much smaller and all because of feminist blogs.  Who are these broads, anyway?”

Alright, so first things first, let’s be upfront about who we are and what makes this site different from the rest.

Well, we are, for the most part, from that wide-open space north of the 49th parallel.  Although, that is hardly original since there are lots of great feminist bloggers up here (see blog roll).  I guess another exciting difference is that I get to write here.  I know!!  It just seems like so much more work having to appeal to others to publish your thoughts.  Nah.

Ok seriously now, the real difference with this blog is that our aim is to unite folks who are feminists (or feministy), activists, writers, artists, community members and bloggers.  This blog is a space for us to come together and to share experiences and opinions, while discussing issues that are relevant and current to our lives and our feminisms.

Our vision in creating this blog is to create a space for building dialogues across experiences and recognizing that feminist dialogues and work are happening in all spaces, outside the walls of academia, across generations, race, class, genders, abilities, and ways of knowing.  It is about connecting with each other, learning, growing, and supporting each other as we strive to build healthy and equitable communities.

Please feel welcomed to send us your comments, stories, critiques and rants.  We are looking for your take on local or international politics, sexuality and health, activism, arts and culture, current events, etc.  Or subscribe to the blog and share your perspectives through the comment threads.

Thanks for looking.  We are excited to see where we can take this!